OVR10 : a reliable replacement for Olicorp




Why are OVR10 more reliable than Olicorp IRS10 and PWR-SDL ?

100% reliable replacement of IRS10 & PWR-SDL OLICORP units


√  Improved version of Olicorp cabinet:


→Changes inside the cabinet with fuses instead of breakers because of a better capacity with resistance to short circuit


→OVR10 are protected by 10x fuses 25A, with max. interruption capacity of 100.000A


→Decrease of maintenance and repair costs 


→Each OVR10 cabinet will include 3x spare fuses, for immediate replacement


→Same profibus and same Software of IRS10 and PWR-SDL


→Replacement one-by-one with original part


NEW : download the User Manual of OVR10 :

OVR10-Technical-Manual-v1-1 (A4)

OVR10-Technical-Manual-v1-1 (US)

Data Sheet : OVR10 (Replacement Olicorp)

2-year warranty


Download Datasheet OVR10 EN