Technoplan Oven Energy Optimization

TOEO panels HQ 10

Ceramic panels replacements for the reflectors inside the oven banks, allowing 17% to 28% net electricity savings on the lamps.


  • Alumina ceramic plates, to switch off or reduce the intensities of the oven lamps.

Average kW savings:

  • Sidel Serie 1 & 2 , Sipa: 25%
  • Sidel Universal: 20%
  • KHS, Krones: 20%
  • Sidel with eco-lamps: 12%

Return on investment:

  • 18 months average.

+90 TOEOs Installed around the world

Technoplan Costs/Savings strategy:

  1. A case-study preparation for each machine
  2. Savings guaranteed per contract, controlled by kW-meter
  3. Quantity of ceramic modules adjusted to the real needs
  4. A 1-day instalation only

TOEO Savings in kW and %

A TOEO system saving 40 kW per hour, over 5000 hours per year, saves 200.000 kW / year.

On top the 20.000 EUR/year financial savings (with 1 kW = 0.10 EUR), the energy-saving TOEO project allows significant carbonated footprint savings for the plant.

The equivalent CO2 or greenhouse emissions represents: