A reliable replacement for Olicorp IRS and PWR

A reliable replacement for Olicorp IRS and PWR

With OVR10, the power electronical card is always protected against any short-circuit

Global feature.

The power controller OVR10 is directly connected with Harting Plugs to an oven and to the AC power supply.
OVR10 is a Profibus DP slave and connected to the 24VDC supply.

Mechanical specifications.

Housing in stainless Steel 304L (380 x 300 x 170 mm).

Technical specifications.

Up to 10 Channels regulated for Power or Voltage with+/-0.5% accuracy. Control mode of channels, zero crossing or Phase angle.
Fast detection of broken Lamp (max 200 mS).
Profibus DP Slave at 12 Mb/s.
Ambient temperature 0 to +50 C.
Degre of protection IP65.

Electrical specifications.

Power Supply: 2 (Phases + Ground) 180 to 530 VAC – 47 TO 63 HZ – 75A max.
Channels: 10 protected by fuses with x15 in for starting current.
Power per Channel: in up to 10A RMS with x15 In for starting current.
DC power supply: 24VDC / 250mA
Fieldbus: Profibus DP Slave at 12 Mb/s

OVR10 replaces:


  • OLCORP IRS 10.